Services for a healthy environment and people
RUDEC aims to serve the neediest members of the rural communities
of Cameroon's Boyo Division through the creation of education,
social and economic empowerment projects

Rural Development Centre Association-Cameroon



A community where all residents have access to basic education and health resources,enabling them to improve their quality of life and achieve their full potential.


To actively seek resources, volunteers and methods to effectively employ these in the community development programs and towards the employment of the underprivileged residents.



 To research and implement viable and sustainable projects aimed at promoting self help and encouraging the transfer of skills

To welcome international volunteers, expose them to Cameroonian culture, whilst exchanging knowledge, skill, utilising their time and expertise to help us in our mission

To offer support to the orphaned children living within their extended families to enable them them to continue in education and have access to health care.

To be a highly and respected, transparent, effective and sustainable organisation

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Rebecca Justilien Summer 2015 Volunteer

Hello! My name is Rebecca, I am a student from the US, and I am writing to tell anyone genuinely or even remotely interested in working with RUDEC about my time in Cameroon.


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